About Us

About Us

The Inseminator ™   has been delivering Self – Insemination results since we launched September 2016. Our goal is to provide a superior product with excellent results.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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How “The Inseminator™” was born!

My first thoughts of The Inseminator™ began while I was designing and building homes in Maui, Hawaii. At the time, with a grown daughter and a grandson, I had no reason to even think about pregnancy or making changes of any kind. Life was good!

While visiting a friend in California, we rented a movie called “If These Walls Could Talk 2” which told three short stories about the lives of different women. The lead characters in one story were portrayed by Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone, starring as a lesbian couple trying to start a family. They decided to try “at home Self – Insemination” using  the legendary “Turkey Baster Method”.

I was horrified by the thought that in the year 2005 women still had no other choice for self-insemination but a cold, hard, plastic apparatus used to deliver the sperm to the cervix! It seemed barbaric! It bothered me so much, I went to the computer to search online for everything I could find about “at home Self – Insemination.”

I was searching to find  if there was a comfortable product already in existence for self –  With no luck, I began to search even broader for any product at all that could assist women in their hopes to conceive a baby and start a family comfortably. Much to my surprise, there seemed to be nothing available besides the usual cold, hard, pointed, plastic syringes.

Eventually, as time passed, the idea of The Inseminator™ faded to the back of my mind.   A few months later, I saw another movie called “Imagine You & Me”. It followed the story of a married woman, who falls in love with the female florist originally hired to provide the flowers for her wedding. Toward the end of the film, the woman’s mother turns to her husband and said, “There goes our chances of having any grandchildren!” and he replied, “There’s always the “Turkey Baster!”

Once more, this struck a chord inside me and I searched again for any product already on the market with a similar purpose. Again, I found nothing. Later, as the Real Estate market fell, I began to give other options some serious thought. Then I realized, after some self-reflection, that my path was already chosen! I would pioneer the first REAL, tangible, comfortable, at home Self – Insemination device!  Now I had to figure out how to manufacture it!

I began to develop prototypes and had concerns about my 11 year old grandson, who lived with me at this time.  I felt I should explain my new venture, since he would likely encounter the prototypes lying around the house. When I started to explain the concept of “at home self-insemination”, his response was “Oh, instead of a “Turkey baster?” “What a great idea grandma!” I was simply floored that even HE, knew about the “Turkey baster!”

That was it! I was positive of my new path.  The chance to bring a natural shape, size, and petal-soft alternative to women everywhere! No more barbaric “Turkey baster!” After five (5) plus years, my visions have been realized! Women everywhere can now comfortably conceive a child by self-insemination in the privacy of their own home with a product specifically designed for an intimate and pleasurable experience.

I am deeply honored to present The Inseminator™  at home self – insemination to all interested parties! Don’t take my word for it — try it yourself! Designed for women, by a woman, this exciting new product will revolutionize the available list of options for hopeful mothers. We must work together to spread the news! Share my story with your friends and family.

Is someone you know seeking a family? Just imagine, by sharing this story, you may actually be the one to facilitate the next “Miracle of Life!” What a blessing!

Jana Fowler – Founder and CEO