How do I know when I’m ready to use The Inseminator™?

While you can always use The Inseminator™ during any time of the month, it is highly recommended that you wait until your ovulation period begins, as the odds of a successful conception are significantly increased during this ovulation period.

When is my “Time of the Month”?

To determine the ideal time period for you to use The Inseminator™, you can first perform an Ovulation Period Determination Test using any available Ovulation Test Strips. To perform this test, wait until the beginning of your monthly menstrual cycle, then count about two weeks into your period. The strips are for urinary analysis; so, on day 14, pee on one strip each morning until your LH Hormone Spike has been clearly identified. When you have identified your spike in hormone level, you know that for the following menstrual cycle, you will want to inseminate on the day of and the day after your LH Hormone Spike. Janaco Nevada Ltd. does not endorse any Ovulation Test Kit.  It’s important to do your homework and choose the method to assist in finding your ovulation time period.

What do I need before I use The Inseminator™?

The Inseminator™ kit contains everything you will need, except for seminal fluid, which may be obtained from a Sperm Bank or private donor. If using a Sperm Bank, the package you receive from them will be in a sealed, frozen vial. Prior to use, the contents of the vial should sit at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes. ALWAYS REFER TO SPERM BANK DIRECTIONS. If you are using a private donor, be sure they provide a fresh sample. The reproductive contents of seminal fluid are rendered inert after about 4 hours of being open and exposed to the elements. If the specimen cup can’t be filled and used immediately afterwards, make sure you refrigerate the contents, with the lid on, until you are able to use the semen – usually within 2 hours.

Am I guaranteed to get pregnant?

Unfortunately,  No.  Each woman is different, and the odds vary greatly with each attempt – i.e., the environment, donor, quality or preservation of the seminal fluid, timing, temperature, personal hygiene or other related medical problems. Actually, given all the variables, there are no real guarantees of pregnancy with ours (or any) apparatus. The Inseminator™ DOES, however, provide the highly increased likelihood of conception via a naturally comfortable size and shape which optimize the chances of successful fertilization. To compensate for the uncertainty of results, The Inseminator™ offers an at-home self-insemination kit that is comfortable and easy to use. We also recommend investing in our monthly Refill Kits available on our website – www.theinseminator.com so if your first experiences are not successful, you can continue to try from the comfort of your own home.

How can I best increase the odds of pregnancy?

Ideally, you should wait to use The Inseminator™ during your ovulation period (specifically the second and third day if you can isolate them). It is also proven to be more effective to use The Inseminator™ during or immediately following an orgasm. After self-insemination, stay relaxed, prop your “bottom” up and rest for a while. Don’t immediately pull The Inseminator™ out of the vagina. The “petal design”, with creases, allows air to enter so not to pull out the semen when you remove it.

How to Prepare Yourself for Insemination

Acidic pathways are one of the primary obstacles preventing sperm from reaching their destination. Due to the acidic nature of urine, found along the same biological pathway that your seminal fluid will be traveling, we highly recommend taking a shower before use. Do not use soap on the inside lining of the vagina, but make sure to flush the area with plenty of warm water to wash out any residual urine and possible dried urea crystals that can sometimes accumulate and may still be present.