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Total Rating  5 Star Rating System 4 and a half stars

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Pregnant First Try5 Star Rating System 5 stars

Really easy to use. Syringe is a bit big…that caused a bit of discomfort but a minute of discomfort for a lifetime baby? I think YES. I’m 5 months pregnant. It happened on 1st try!!!!!

By Rodriquez – 04-14-2020

Work Great. 5 Star Rating System 5 stars

By Shamia I Alvez – 12-19-2019

On Time. 5 Star Rating System 5 stars
By Kendra Watson – 07-08-2019

Were Pregnant. 5 Star Rating System 5 stars
Worked on the first try a great product to try easy to use, and fast Delivery!!! I did not buy the sleeve we did it without and worked just fine! I recommend anyone to purchase. Thanks The Inseminator
By Janique Williams – 06-11-2019

Great Product. 5 Star Rating System 5 stars
Everything was exactly what they advertised! Loved the packaging😍
By Veronica Cornejo – 06-02-2019

It Works.  5 Star Rating System 5 stars

The sleeve is kind of hard to get on the syringe, but it works! WE’RE PREGNANT! FIRST. TRY.
By Marsha Jensen – 07-06-2018

Three Stars.  5 Star Rating System 3 stars
Good design & good idea~BUT the size is too big make it uncomfortable to use is:-/
By YanniXiam – 11-29-2017

First Try. 5 Star Rating System 4 and a half stars
I used this product along with Pre-seed lubricant and it worked my first try. I tried other methods and nothing worked so I gave this a shot and it got the job done. I would recommend making it thinner but besides that if you follow the directions it is simple to use. I really liked how everything is medicle grade and clean. My donor laughed when he had to open the package to the cup but clearly it worked. I’m due in 9 days. Good luck! Hope this review helps.
By Morgan – 11-02-2017

Five Stars. 5 Star Rating System 5 stars
By Kashena – 10-30-2017

Much to my Surprise.  5 Star Rating System 5 stars
I must be honest, I had my doubts and our surrogate/donor had her doubts also, but we decided to give it a try. We made 3 attempts when the ovulation test was positive and then waited 2 weeks. An over the counter pregnancy test was positive, so we followed up with a blood test detecting hCG which was also positive. While our surrogate was under our supervision the entire time, we will still followup with a DNA test later, but we have no doubt it worked. We read some of the other reviews before purchasing and were concerned about some of the things reported, i.e. size, comfort, , lose of sample, but simply following the directions and being careful has resulted in a new bundle of joy for us.
By Shipwreck – 9-14-2017

This is a fantastic product! Worked on the second try.  5 Star Rating System 5 stars
The kit comes with everything you’ll need, including lube (because you’ll need that!!).
By Tiffany Long – 08/13/2017

Anticipating a positive outcome from this product in the future!   5 Star Rating System 4 and a half stars
I’m not pregnant yet, but I feel this product will help me & my fiancee achieve parenthood. I misplaced a part for the product & the very nice, helpful representative sent me the replacement parts I needed @ no extra cost!
By Kellkened- 8/6/2017

  Works!   5 Star Rating System 5 stars
This is a great product! We used it one round and it worked!!!! Now after 7 years we welcome a new bundle of joy. Thank you.
By Dee  2/11/2017

Worked like a Charm   5 Star Rating System 5 stars

Was easy to use and assemble after watching video. Was so much better than an iui and it worked!!!!!!
Layla – 12/15/2016
Color – Pink

Three Stars   5 Star Rating System 3 stars
It was too big and comfortable. If it would have been thinner it would’ve been much better.
By Linda Ortiz Bonser- 12/5/2016
Color – Pink

Great Product!   5 Star Rating System 5 stars
It did exactly what it was supposed to do and made it feel more intimate than the other products on the market.
By Sarah Rose – 10/11/2016
Color – Blue