The Inseminator™ Monthly Refill Kit

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Kit Includes;  (2) 60ML Sterile Syringes, (2) Sterile Specimen Cups, (2) Sterile Cannula Tips, (2) Sterile Syringe Caps, (2) Lubricant Packets, (1) Finger Grip Extender, (1) User Manuel

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Our Monthly Refill Kit must be used with The Inseminator Silicone Sleeve Only!

The Inseminator simulates and delivers the sperm with a natural feel, shape and function!

The Refill Kit includes everything you need for (2) inseminations (Minus seminal fluid). It is best to inseminate during your monthly ovulation period. Kit includes: (2) Sterile Specimen Cups to gather seminal fluid from your donor. (2) 60ML Sterile Syringes to insert into The Inseminator sleeve. (2) Sterile Cannulas to extract semen from a vial (sperm bank) or specimen cup. (2) Sterile Syringe caps to prevent loss of seminal fluid while attaching The Inseminator sleeve onto the syringe. (2) Packets of lubricant to coat the outside of The Inseminator sleeve before use. (1) Finger Grip Extender to remove the sleeve after use.
The Inseminator Silicone sleeve and the Finger Grip Extender can be cleaned, sterilized and reused.


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